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Object relational mapping

The SQL ORM middleware stacks on top of the SQL connection middlewares to implement a basic mapping between C++ object and the database tables.


Getting started

The following typedef defines a simple object, with a auto increment attribute on the field id:

typedef decltype(D(_id(_auto_increment) = int(),
                   _name = std::string(),
                   _age = int()
                   )) User;

An API can rely on the sql_orm_factory to query, insert, remove, or update the users table.

// Instantiate the user ORM targetting a sqlite database.
typedef sqlite_orm_factory<User> user_orm_factory;
typedef sqlite_orm<User> user_orm;

auto orm_api = http_api(

  GET / _test = [] (user_orm& orm) {
    User u; = "John";
    u.age = 42;

    // Insert all the fields expect the id primary keys.
    // return the new id. = orm.insert(u);


    // Save the user name and age members.

    // Destroy the user.


auto middlewares = std::make_tuple(
    sqlite_connection_factory("./db.sqlite"), // Create the sqlite_connection
    user_orm_factory("users") // The orm takes the table name