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Hello world benchmark

This benchmark compares the performance of several frameworks on a simple case: on each request, serializes the json object {"message":"hello world."} and sends it back to the http client.

While it is rather simple and does not reflect a real world application, it gives a brief insight on the performances of the framework.

The full specification of the benchmark are hosted by Techempower (session JSON serialization):

The reference code of the nodejs express and go revel version can be found on the git repository:


Intel quad-core i5 2500K 3GHz, 20GB RAM

The benchmark tool wrk was running on the same machine with the following arguments:

 wrk -d 2s -c ${C} -t 1 "__url__"

with C varying from 1 to 1000


Hello World benchmark results Hello World benchmark results

Access to the raw benchmark log